Monday, August 17, 2009

White House realizes that encouraging snitching does not effectively advance its cause.

A couple of weeks ago the White House asked for citizens to forward "fishy" emails on health care reform to Apparently, the White House has now realized that many American's viewed this as a request for people to snitch on those who disagreed with the White House on health care reform that was damaging their efforts, and it has disabled this email address:

Following a furor over how the data would be used, the White House has shut down an electronic tip box — — that was set up to receive information on “fishy” claims about President Barack Obama’s health plan.

E-mails to that address now bounce back with the message: “The email address you just sent a message to is no longer in service. We are now accepting your feedback about health insurance reform via:”

Oddly, that website's contact form now contains the following instruction:
Please refrain from submitting any individual’s personal information, including
their email address, without their permission.

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