Thursday, August 27, 2009

The reason why tort reform is not part of health care reform

It is undisputed that tort reform would significantly lower medical costs in the United States. As it is now, doctors routinely order tests and procedures that are unnecessary because of concerns that they may have missed something and could face a future medical malpractice claim. So maybe your asking yourself, gee, if it would lower costs, why wouldn't tort reform be included in health care reform? Well, Howard Dean has now provided us with the answer, and it is pretty unseemly.

Update: Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer commented on Howard Dean's admission about the failure to make tort reform part of health care reform:

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  1. Greg:

    The amount of savings from medical liability reform is untold billions! Over-utilization cannot be addressed until this beast is tamed. No doctor wants to risk his livelihood, his employees' and family's well-being to refuse to order the test that might find a one-in-a million problem....UNBELIEVABLE that Howard Dean admitted the truth! Might be the first real truth told about the health care reform plan.