Wednesday, August 19, 2009

President Obama's advisors agree...

that creating a government-run health plan (i.e., the "public plan") will lead us down the path to a single payer health care system. Yes, I remember that just last Tuesday President Obama stated that he has "not said [he] was a single payer supporter," but, as I indicated then, the President may have been lying.

The President, members of his administration, and several of his advisers and supporters have also claimed that the government-run plan is only meant to break up the monopoly that private insurers currently have and to inject some competition into the system. In doing so, of course, they ignore the definition of a monopoly. But it also appears that many of them may, like the President last week, be lying about the true motivation for creating a government-run plan. Indeed, as the clip below indicates, a lot of the President's officials, advisers, and supporters have been taped saying that creating a government-run plan is the first step in a process that will eventually lead to a single payer health care system:

So at this point, there appear to be two options: (1) either the proponents of health care reform are currently lying to the general public about their actual goals and what they hope to accomplish; or (2) all of the above-quotes were taken out of context. I will let you decide for yourself, but my experience suggests that (1) is the more likely of the two. And if that is the actual goal, then have they should gonads to say that on television or during public town hall meetings. They shouldn't try to hide behind some smokescreen about "injecting competition into the system." Smokescreens make it hard to have that open and honest debate that they claim to want.

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