Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama in his own words

Okay, first, a disclaimer. I am not a Glenn Beck fan. His shtick is too over-the-top for me. But I also think that people in the press also unfairly malign the man and that he occasionally raises some very good points. One of those points is that while the press and his campaign generally cultivated the view during last year's presidential race that candidate Barack Obama was politically moderate, his roots, associates, and actual words showed him to be very left of the mainstream. I think the video below, if you filter out Beck's delivery, does a good job of highlighting some of that radicalism.

From my perspective, Obama's past words raise questions about his true intentions on a myriad of issues, such as health care. For example, why does he feel it is so imperative that Congress vote right now on legislation that is over 1000 pages long and that no member of Congress could possibly have read? Such a position seems inconsistent with ensuring that the legislation actually does what President Obama claims that he wants it to do, namely lowering costs and increasing access. Instead, his actions suggest, at least to me, that his interest lies in gaining power and not bettering the health care system.

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