Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I received this email from President Obama's campaign/grassroots community organization, Organizing for America yesterday with the subject tag line "Power." And it is a dozy. The email actually claims that those who oppose Obamacare, er health insurance reform "have power:"

Friend --

Opponents of health insurance reform have power. Some reap huge profits from the status quo. Others take large campaign contributions from those who profit.

So they'll do anything to keep the current system in place. When fact-based arguments don't work, they attack President Obama with outlandish lies about a government takeover and euthanizing the elderly. And once that doesn't work, they'll go even further.

We don't know what they'll do next. What we do know is that we'll have to be prepared for anything -- ready to set the record straight, ready to make sure the media and Congress see the overwhelming support for reform, and ready to pass real reform this year.

Hmm, that's odd. I thought it was President Obama and the Democrats who "have power." Apparently, controlling the Executive Branch and both houses of Congress just isn't what it used to be.

The other laugher in this email is the claim opponents of Obamacare "take large campaign contributions from those who profit" under the current health care system." Uh, pot, kettle; kettle, pot. I mean President Obama did reach a deal with large pharmaceutical companies that will limit the cost savings that the government can extract from them under Medicare's prescription drug program, and, oddly, those companies are now spending $150,000,000 on advertising in support of Obamacare. (To put that figure in perspective, it is more than Senator McCain spent on advertising in last year's presidential campaign).

Of course, the President's deal with Big Pharma looks more of a quid pro quo than a contribution, but I am not sure that makes it any better.

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  1. Power seems such a nebulous term in the Obama WH...

    I was just discussing this issue with my son yesterday, explaining to him the quid pro quo that took place to get Big Pharma's support. It kills me when the Left rants about Big Pharma with regards to this issue!